Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Beagle Project

Humble at Free Range Academy has an update on the Beagle Project, who are planning to build a replica of Darwin's Beagle by 2009. Well worth checking out, and I daresay they would appreciate donations large or small. I was chatting with the crew of a similar ship just a fortnight ago, and they were telling me how infernally expensive the things are to build and run.



Thanks for this, Yellow House! Yes, they certainly are looking for support. They also wish to Capture the Imaginations of Our Youth, so point your youth in their general direction and let History, Science, and the Romance of the Tall Ships sweep them happily away. HW

Peter Mc said...

Thanks for the post, you're on our shiny new blogroll. We must make sure that homeschooled young Darwins don't miss out when we come to harbours, are looking for young scientists or sail training cadets to sail with us.