Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The History of the Evolved Homeschooling Webring

Back at the beginning of 2007, I was really just discovering blogging. I started my personal homeschooling blog, and was enjoying discovering the range of ideas about homeschooling through the blogs of other people. I soon discovered that there were places where I felt more at home than others. I was really happy to discover the Evolved Homeschooling blog and webring which was then run by Eirann.

Sadly, it seemed I had only just joined, when these resources and their author disappeared completely from the Internet. One explanation sprang to mind, though I have no idea if it is the correct one. Eirann's personal blog was not only evolution-based but assertively atheist. Probably for this reason, one of her entries was removed from the Carnival of Homeschooling, and things got nasty for a while. She seemed quite upset (understatement). And then she disappeared.

I thought it was a shame to see an evolution/secular-based homeschooling resource apparently driven off the net, so I put the webring back together. I'm not Eirann, and the webring isn't quite like hers was. In it's early stages it is less pretty to look at, to say the least, but I will be working on that slowly. And because all the information she had put together was lost, it is currently considerably less informative. The membership is quite different. But I hope it will eventually grow into a worthwhile and enjoyable resource.

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Silvia said...

Have you checked to see if any of her pages were cached by Google? Maybe you can find some of the lost info there.